White Light Primitive

White Light Primitive


by Andrew Stubbs

Paperback (Poetry)
8.5" x 5.25" · 96 pages
Release Date: May 2009
ISBN 9780978344085

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White Light Primitive is a first collection of poetry by Regina writer and University of Regina English Professor Andrew Stubbs. Stubbs was a student of Eli Mandel's an adheres to Mandel's claim that "memory is sacred". The seed for this book was a collection of photographs that the author's father took during his service in World War II, including those taken at the liberation of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. The searing sequence "War" opens the book and breaks new poetic ground as he delves into outer and inner reaches of the human condition. Stubbs explores unreliable, yet essential generational memories while at the same time weaves into his precise language how his parent's choices have influenced his own life. What emerges is a whole-hearted embrace of being, where his precise craft is in perfect sync with the powerful subject matter of war, memory and loss.

Andrew Stubbs is a master of the cryptic line and the arresting detail. Weather he is writing about his father or a whole city or our southern prairies, he pins the reader's eye to his exacting vision of things. He celebrates presence.

—Robert Kroetsch


Andrew Stubbs

Andrew Stubbs teaches composition and rhetoric at the University of Regina. His interests include all phases of expository and academic writing, including management communications and technical writing, which he has taught at the University of Regina and University of Guelph. He is currently Coordinator of the Writing Services for the University of Regina Student Development Centre.

Stubbs was the editor of Rhetoric, Uncertainty, and The University as Text (2007), a collection of articles on writing and writing theory, and co-editor of The Other Harmony: The Collected Poetry of Eli Mandel (2000), both published by the Canadian Plains Research Centre. An earlier work on Mandel's poetics, Myth, Origins, Magic,  appeared in 1993. He has published articles and reviews on literature, literary theory, psychoanalysis, and creative writing. White Light Primitive is his first collection of poetry.