Waiting for the Gulf Stream

Waiting for the Gulf Stream


by Bert Almon

Paperback (Poetry)
8.5" x 5.25" · 88 pages
Release Date: September 2010
ISBN 9781926710082

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Bert Almon is a poet who considers the difficulty of being present to the hidden complexities that surround each life. Waiting for the Gulf Stream is a book that crosses many boarders, both stylistic and physical. He travels deftly between a resonant lyricism and a language grounded in the narrative line; the poems move from meditations on the poet's early life in Texas to spaces where the natural world and human turmoild come into conflict. Here is an assured and accomplished voice that engages the reader as participant. With humour, agility and grace Almon leaves the reader holding in the mind something rich, active and alive. In Waiting for the Gulf Stream, Almon confirms his place in Canadian poetry as an inhabitant of the quiet, yet devistating turn, that is delivered here with unmistakable wit and insight.

"(Almon's) poems connect with people through time and space, imagination and chance, kinship or choice. Almon also looks outward to the world, enriching his poems with specific details drawn from the sciences, art, philosophy, history, literature, myth, religion, music, popular culture, and nature.

Almon offers a way of writing poetry and of approaching life that pays close attention to the world, its people and the self in relationship to them." —Nancy Mattson


Bert Almon

Bert Almon was born in Port Arthur, Texas in 1943 during a hurricane. He claims to have lived a fairly quiet life since. He completed a B.A. at the University of Texas at El Paso in 1965 and a Ph.D. at the University of New Mexico in 1971. He came to Canada to teach at the University of Alberta in 1968 and has become a Canadian citizen.

He began writing poetry in 1967 and Waiting for the Gulf Stream is his eleventh collection to date. He teaches creative writing, modern literature and autobiography.  More than thirty of his poetry students have gone on to publish books. He won the Writer's Guild of Alberta Award for Poetry in 1998 for Earth Prime (Brick Books). He has been a Hawthornden Fellow in Poetry and a finalist in the Blackwell's Times Literary Supplement Poetry Competition. His critical works include a study of the Southern U.S. novelist, William Humphrey (University of Texas Press), and a book on Texas autobiographies, This Stubborn Self, (TCU Press, 2002). Bert Almon is one of Alberta's best loved poets and lives in Edmonton with his wife and poet Olga Costopoulos. They have four children.