The History of Naming Cows

The History of Naming Cows


by Mitch Spray

Paperback (Poetry/Strike Fire)
8.5" x 5.25" · 88 pages
Release Date: May 2012
ISBN 9781926710150

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In The History of Naming Cows Mitch Spray reveals with a startling depth of vision, life and death on a prairie farm. Through stories of family and perseverance the land is shown to be an intimate and unforgiving teacher. In his evocative poems we are allowed to drink the strong coffee of the earth, and taste the gritty bond between the stock man and his cattle, where nothing is earned without sweat and the sharp taste of blood.

The poems in this first collection are original in the only way that matters — they speak clearly of their source. They are inseparable from the surprising, eventful, passages of new seasons, and new understandings that alter everything. Themes of fear and fury course through this collection as one family experiences the pain of loss as well as the steady radiance of living close to the extremes of weather and land. Here is a young poet who possesses both the craft and the insight to convey the poetry of real life, bright and stark with hard truths shown in the blinding light of winter.


Mitch Spray

Mitch Spray is a Saskatchewan poet with a background in farming, road construction and academia. He grew up on a small mixed farm near Okla, Saskatchewan. Encouraged by his parents he began pursuing writing seriously in high school and he continued to write in university. Mitch obtained a Master of Arts in aboriginal literature from the University of Saskatchewan. In university writing classes Spray discovered poetry was the best fit for his episodic storytelling. His poetry has appeared in The Antigonish Review and in the chapbook Farm Raised (JackPine Press 2011) which is bound in baler belting. Mitch lives with his wife Hannah in Saskatoon where he works in agriculture sales.