The Grass People

The Grass People


by Kay Parley

Paperback (Fiction) 
8.5" x 5.5" · 480 pages
Release Date: October 2018
ISBN 9781775183907

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The grass people have forgotten how to listen and follow the Way; the elves and fairies have disappeared from the tall prairie grasses. Their once idyllic existence is now fraught with danger.  They must evade or defeat wildbeasts, the mower, predators, and four-legged shadows. It is also rumoured that tall men exist and may arrive soon. Dyra leads his village with great courage while some grass people await the return of their spiritual leader, Dokrimalitzla, and the restoration of magic. Meanwhile Brecort, the mayor of a nearby cave city, plots his conquest of all the villages. He sends an emissary with propaganda to convince them that only he can save them with his guns, guard towers and walls.


“A remarkable achievement. Kay Parley has created an entire world, fully realized and richly layered, peopled with fascinating characters. It’s a world of lore and legend, tucked out of sight beneath the leafy plants and tall grasses we walk by every day. A population haunted by the destructive force of the mower’s blade and the menace of four-legged shadows. An epic tale told on the tiniest of stages. A world where Life calls to Life. A world to curl into and enjoy. I loved it!”

Will Ferguson
Giller Prize winning author of 419





Kay Parley is an author and journalist, a visual artist, a former teacher and psychiatric nurse. She has written twenty-seven books but The Grass People is her first fantasy novel. Kay began writing The Grass People in 1976 and finished it twenty years later. She is a weekly syndicated newspaper columnist and volunteers as public speaker who advocates for mental wellness. Kay is ninety-five years old and still writes every day using an electric typewriter. She currently lives in Regina, Saskatchewan.