The Dry Valley

The Dry Valley


by Bernadette Wagner

Paperback (poetry)
8.5" x 5.25" · 90 pages
Release Date :September 2019
ISBN 9781989274088

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The Dry Valley encapsulates one woman’s relationship with herself, her alcoholic spouse, and the world, in three different Saskatchewan landscapes. The poems offer a fascinating interplay between mindful explorations of self and immersions in the challenging complexities of interpersonal relationships, social issues and meaningful engagement with the environment.

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Bernadette Wagner

Bernadette Wagner, writer, editor, and community based educator, has recent work in Absent Mothers (DP: 2017) and Without Apology: Writings on Abortion in Canada (AUP: 2016). Her poetry and nonfiction have been broadcast on radio and TV, recorded on video and film, and published in magazines and anthologies. Shortlisted for the Saskatchewan First Book Award, she toured This hot place (Thistledown, 2010), her first poetry collection, across the country. An activist for social justice, a board member for the Saskatchewan Writers Guild and Sage Hill Writing Experience, Bernadette lives in Regina, Saskatchewan.