The Darkness Beneath All Things

The Darkness Beneath All Things

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by Eric Greenway

Paperback (Fiction)
8.5" x 5.5" · 152 pages
Release Date: September 2005
ISBN 9780973556759

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Within the eight stories in The Darkness Beneath All Things we meet seemingly ordinary people, yet each struggle to find a way through a personal darkness, each strives for a new way to see. His characters are immediately recognizable - or are they? A shy young construction worker defends himself against a violent attack on the job site - but does he really win? A novice pastor finds himself facing temptation - and a spirituality beyond the tenets of his textbooks. An elderly man lies injured and alone in the deadly heat while a vulture circles - a portent of death or a sign of hope?

"Eric Greenway's stories come from the rarely explored region of the human soul. People change and it is like a shifting of gears. Sometimes those around you have that gear, sometimes not, it's the way safe lives become tragic." —Fred Stenson


Eric Greenway

Eric Greenway has been an active member of the Saskatchewan creative writing community for over ten years. He has accessed learning opportunities, including the Sage Hill Writing Experience, the writers colonies program, and a variety of other courses; and, in addition to publishing and broadcasting credits, his writing has won an SWG Literary Award. His book The Darkness Beneath All Things (Hagios) won the First Book Award at the 2005 Saskatchewan Book Awards. He works for Canadian Diabetes Association in Regina.