Stealing Home: Baseball Poems

Stealing Home: Baseball Poems


by Dwayne Brenna

Paperback (Poetry)
8.5" x 5.25" · 88 pages
Release Date: May 2013
ISBN 9781926710211

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Stealing Home is not so much about baseball as it is about how baseball has a way of shaping seasons and relationships in our lives. Here you will find engaging poems about the love of the game, and how it illuminates indelible sacrifices we must all endure. A heartbreaking loss deepens a son’s relationship with his father, and how an infield is altered forever for a young couple who make love on the infield grass in the dead of night. Brenna also presents poems that take us back to moments in the history of the sport, giving voice to many of baseball’s icons.

"In brief narratives where we meet such immortals as Casey Stengel, Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Satchel Page, we are taken out to the ballgame to witness its inherent poetry. We also meet the local players, sand-lot philosophers and even Brenna himself: poet, player, coach, fan. Always, behind the stats, the egos, and the hero-worship, is the real story; not a bunch of overpaid idols but the account of their common humanity in all its tobacco-chawing wonder and complexity."


Dwayne Brenna

Dwayne Brenna teaches drama at the University of Saskatchewan. His poems and stories have appeard in varios literay journals including The Antigonish Review, Nine and Grain. He is the author of several books, including Scenes From Canadian Plays (Fifth House), Eddie Gustafson's Guide To Christmas (Coteau), and Emrys' Dream: Greystone Theatre in Words and Photographs (Thistledown), Steaaling Home; Baseball Poems. Dwayne Brenna grew up in Naicam, Saskatchewan and now lives in Saskatoon. Brenna has played competitive baseball every spring since the age of five.