Soul to Touch

Soul to Touch


by Anne Campbell

Paperback (Poetry)
8.5" x 5.25" · 104 pages
Release Date: September 2009
ISBN 9781926710013

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Soul to Touch is the long awaited fifth collection from Regina poet Anne Campbell. Here is a buoyant poetic voice that relishes in an unfettered spiritual engagement with her world, both light and dark. Campbell brings a gentle touch to poems that open our sensibilities to new ways of thinking about language, thought and the choices we make each day. Campbell explores the intimate and startling project of being alive, of growing older, and of being open in the face of a world where human intimacy is in decline. With her vivid imagination and wry sense of humour we are all the more grateful for her insight into wild and vulnerable acts of being human. Forged from the small but significant frictions of lived experience Campbell is driven to write of self as if through a lens wiped clean of ego, a self prepared to journey through and among life's impermanence.

Previous praise for Anne Campbell's writing:

"(She) moves confidently and buoyantly through psychological landscapes and shifting structures and moral risks. This is poetry of luminous intelligence, playful energy and genuine insight." —Eli Mandel


Anne Campbell

Anne Campbell is an award winning writer of four collections of poetry as well as stories and non-fiction. She is currently working on a biographical memior of the Canadian visual artist, Arthur F. McKay, one of the famed Regina Five. Her recent work includes Regina's Secret Spaces, (Canadian Plains Research Centre, University of Regina, 2006) a collection of writing on hidden aspects of Regina as revealed by artists, edited with visual artists, Lorne Beug and jainnie Mah. With composer Tom Schudel, her work has been performed and published internationally. (Author photo: Don Hall)

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