Red Ceiling

Red Ceiling


by Bridget Keating

Paperback (Poetry/Strike Fire)
8.5" x 5.25" · 95 pages
Release Date: September 2012
ISBN 9781926710174

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Bridget Keating with her urgent and devotional poems has created a first book that is both essential and moving in the ways it reveals that all our loves and our fates are inexorably intertwined. With deftness for revealing personal and public myths Keating evokes the beasts and angels that exist within our internal thoughts and dreams. In Red Ceiling Keating writes unblinkingly of human intimacies close at hand and also of lives outlined with clarity yet witnessed from a distance. Red Ceiling is full of poems that are both precise and startling, both devastating and full of grace.

Ancestral knowledge is something Bridget Keating cherishes. Her strikingly beautiful poems about her Irish grandmother are both archetypal and particular to her world vision. Keating has both intellect and the heart as she confronts issues that impact our survival on this planet. Keating knows that personal acts have great consequences and creates moments that feel like tipping points, but within each poem there is a also the silence of reflection before she acts, as she knows she must.


Bridget Keating

Bridget Keating is a sessional lecturer at First Nations University of Canada. Although Keating has only been writing poetry for a short time, her work recently appeared in Spring, a publication for new writers from the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild. Keating was born in Wolseley, Saskatchewan and now resides in Regina.