Interim: Essays and Mediations

Interim: Essays and Mediations


by Patrick Friesen

Paperback (Non-fiction)
8.5" x 5.5" · 132 pages
Release Date: April 2006
ISBN 9780973972702

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Within this far-reaching collection, Patrick Friesen gathers the very best of his creative non-fiction spanning nearly twenty years of writing. While many of the pieces have appeared in anthologies and magazines or have been broadcast on radio, there is a sense of immediacy and urgency to these dazzling "essays and mediations". Friesen has a restless curiosity as he writes about Russian poets, Canadian dancers, the haunting voice of Richard Manuel and his own Mennonite upbringing in rural Manitoba. Patrick Friesen has never turned away from ethical and moral concerns. In this collection, we see a poet and essayist in full stride, one who is prepared to take on the subjective truths of his world. Friesen is a writer who is patient in his observations and there is a natural rhythm at work in his prose that gives this book a music all his own.

"I love Friesen's book because I had to stop frequently while reading it and write things down- some old truths I had forgotten about, some new, written so clearly and distinctly that I am shocked awake - the way you are shocked when you jump into cold, green water." —Jan Silcott, Event


Patrick Friesen

Patrick Friesen has published eleven books of poetry, has written several plays for stage and radio, and has collaborated with choreographers, dancers, musicians and composers. A Sudden Sky (2001) is a translation with Per Brask of selected poems by Danish poet Ulrikka S. Gernes. He has twice been short-listed for the Dorothy Livesay Award for best book of poetry published in BC, and in 1994 his book Blasphemer's Wheel won the McNally Robinson Book of the Year Award in Manitoba. Broken Bowl was nominated for the Governor General's Award for poetry. His most recent book of poetry is the breath you take from the lord.

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