In Another Air

In Another Air


by gillian harding-russell

Paperback (Poetry) 
8.5" x 5.5" · 124 pages
Release Date: October 2018
ISBN 9781775183969

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In Another Air is a personal and poetic exploration of the north, centred in Yellowknife, as projected through others eyes. The poetry is exquisite and whimsical at times, cementing gillian harding-russell as one of Saskatchewan’s poetry powerhouses.

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gillian harding-russell

gillian harding-russell is a Regina poet who has been visiting her daughter in Yellowknife for the past few years. She has three previous poetry collections and several chapbooks published. in 2015, the sequence “Proud Men do not Listen” from In Another Air was shortlisted for Exile’s Gwendolyn MacEwen Chapbook Award.