Give My Love to Rose

Give My Love to Rose


by Dwayne Brenna 

Paperback (Poetry)
7.5" x 5.25" · 104 pages
Release Date: November 2015
ISBN 9781926710365

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Give My Love to Rose is broken into two sections: Home and Away and between these compass points Dwayne Brenna takes the reader on an intimate and highly entertaining journey. Taking on many narrative voices, Brenna creates an intimate connection in poem after poem. In this generous collection, Brenna furthers his reputation as a vivid poetic voice, finally attended to our understandings of place, displacement and family.

Dwayne Brenna writes poems that are keenly edged; using humour to strip away the veneer and reveal our social foibles His poems are wry, ironic and often self-effacing. Embracing the everyday details of modern lives and relationships, Brenna creates an accessible and immensely powerful style of poetry. In Give My Love to Rose, Dwayne Brenna reveals an intimacy, warmth and astonishing generosity. These poems of love, travel and remembrance are fresh, resonant and honest


Dwayne Brenna

Dwayne Brenna teaches drama at the University of Saskatchewan. His poems and stories have appeard in varios literay journals including The Antigonish Review, Nine and Grain. He is the author of several books, including Scenes From Canadian Plays (Fifth House), Eddie Gustafson's Guide To Christmas (Coteau), and Emrys' Dream: Greystone Theatre in Words and Photographs (Thistledown), Steaaling Home; Baseball Poems. Dwayne Brenna grew up in Naicam, Saskatchewan and now lives in Saskatoon. Brenna has played competitive baseball every spring since the age of five.