Gabriel's Beach

Gabriel's Beach


by Neal McLeod

Paperback (Poetry) · 8.5" x 5.25" · 112 pages
Release Date: September 2008
ISBN 9780978344054

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Gabriel's Beach is Neal McLeod's second book with Hagios Press. In this new book he takes on the stories of his relations and ancestors including his Grandfather's harrowing war experiences. McLeod engages in history without losing himself in it, and brings forth the power of a human voice moving story toward myth. In these intuitive, confident, and powerful poems we learn of battles and of survival, and of the ultimate scars that history has served on aboriginal people in this part of North America. Here is a poet who is not only a witness to what his family has endured but he is an artist who shows us a way to connect these stories to our own lives.


Neal McLeod

Neal McLeod is a witer, visual artist, film-maker and academic. McLeod holds a PhD in Indigeonous Studies and currently teaches at Trent University in Ontario. He studied art in Sweden and has exhibited his unique and powerful paintings in galleries through out Canada. His low-budget film, A Man Called Horst, was screened in Berlin and has become an underground classic. His first book of poetry Songs to Kill a Wihtikow was nominated for several awards including the Saskatchewan Book of the Year and The McNally Robinson Aboriginal Book of the Year. It was the winner of the National Aborigial Poetry Award in 2006. He is also the author of the non-fiction work, Cree Narrative Memory: From Treaties to Contemporary Times (2007, Purich Publishing). His second book of poetry, Gabriel's Beach will be published by Hagios Press in 2008.

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