Famous Roadkill

Famous Roadkill


by Allan Safarik

Paperback (Poetry)
8.5" x 5.25" · 96 pages
Release Date: September 2012
ISBN 9781926710167

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In Famous Roadkill Allan Safarik has captured prairie people, places, and prairie myths as few poets have. Safarik writes with fortitude and wisdom, honey and fire, and with the jab and embrace of a fearless storyteller. Famous Roadkill is another landmark collection of Safarik's poetic take on small town prairie life.

These poems do not give in to despair, or to the fatigue of the white noise of the 21st Century. With the blinkers off, this poetic vision comprehends a generous picture of human and animal experience - an astonishing array of prairie life made large. While holding to personal perceptions and truths Safarik gives us a deep sense of what it is to be outsider, and to maintain the delicate balance of identity within community.

Here is a poet intent to explore the possible harm when humans collide with nature. Famous Roadkill points to the way we separate ourselves from vital internal and external landscapes, as we push ourselves beyond reasonable speed limits. Each poem chronicles a moment of discovery, some poignant and deep, others revealing the absurdities of daily life. Famous Roadkill gives abundant evidence of alert poetic mind. These poems will take readers on a very human journey through lucid landscapes where we regain our balance with what we are.


Allan Safarik

Allan Safarik was born in Vancouver and raised in a commercial fishing family on Vancouver Heights in North Burnaby where he spent much of his childhood exploring the waterfront when he wasn't playing soccer in East End parks. He is the author of fourteen books of poetry, is an editor and was a co-founder of Blackfish Press in British Columbia. In 1986, he edited the award winning anthology Vancouver Poetry. Safarik, a long time resident of White Rock, BC, currently resides in Dundurn, Saskatchewan and teaches Imaginative Writing at St. Peter's College in Muenster. Safarik won the 2003 John V. Hicks Manuscript Award for Literary Non-Fiction and the Saskatchewan Book Award for Poetry (in the name of Anne Szumigalski) for When Light Falls from the Sun Hagios Press. He has a B.A. in English from Simon Fraser University. His works include How I Know The Sky Is A River: Selected and New Shorter Poems 1978-1998 (Hagios, 1999), Bird Writer's Handbook (2003), and Blood of Angels (2004) Yellowgrass (2008). In 2012 Safarik published with his father, Norman Safarik, Bluebacks and Silver Brights: A Lifetime in the B.C. Fisheries from Bounty to Plunder.