Ducks on the Moon: A Parent Meets Autism

Ducks on the Moon: A Parent Meets Autism


by Kelley Jo Burke

Paperback (Non-fiction)
9." x 6." · 160 pages
Release Date: September 2010
ISBN 9781926710075

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Ducks on the Moon: A Parent Meets Autism includes the text of Kelley Jo Burke's dramatic "stand-up documentary" covering the first five years in her evolving relationship with her son, as well as current and salient interviews with other parents of children on the autism spectrum and leading experts in the field.

This raw, often humourous and 99% true journey, written by an award-winning playwright, will provoke and inspire parents and teachers who have children with autism in their lives, as well as engaging general readers.

With Ducks on the Moon Kelley Jo Burke offers, "a source of information and support to those who are also just meeting autism, or think they might be. Or have lived with it a long time, and wonder if they are the only ones who struggle. Or are working with Autism Spectrum Disorder children and need some insight into family dynamic. Or are on the spectrum themselves and are curious to know what it's like from their parents' perspective."

This inventive and ground-breaking book brings many voices together in a fascinating and educational read. Ducks on the Moon also features several production photographs and graphics from the play.


Kelley Jo Burke

Kelley Jo Burke is an award-winning playwright and poet, a director, storyteller, documentarian, and broadcaster. Her plays have been produced and published in Canada and around the world, including her plays: Ducks on the MoonThe Selkie WifeJane's Thumb, and Charming and Rose: True Love, and her most recent radio play, Big Ocean, which was heard in seven countries in 2000.

She dramaturges, directs, and produces for stage and radio, and is a host/producer for CBC Saskatchewan's SoundXchange. She has also written and produced a number of documentries for CBC Radio's Ideas, including 2010's Ducks on the Moon: A Parent Meets Autism.

She received the 2009 Saskatchewan Lieutennant-Governor's Award for Leadership in the Arts, the 2009 City of Regina Writing Award, and the 2008 Saskatoon and Area Theatre Award for Playwriting. Kelley Jo Burke lives with her family in Regina.

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