Downstream: Bestemor & Me

Downstream: Bestemor & Me


by Vangie Bergum

Paperback (Non-fiction)
8.5" x 5.5" · 252 pages
Release Date: April 2014
ISBN 9781926710266

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In 1999 Vangie Bergum and her husband purchased five acres along the Salmo River in the midst of British Columbia's Selkirk Mountains, near the town of Ymir. Their new property had seen a tragedy a few years before—the murder of a child, and the suicide of a father. The deaths on this land mirrored the 1929 deaths of Bergum's own grandmother, her Bestemor (Norwegian), her young aunts, and her grandfather's part in it. Downstream tells the story of the silence that surrounded her family's tragic event, a silence that left her with no skin, no protection against its sorrow and shame. Living in her Ymir home near a mountain river and surrounded by trees, animals and birds, Vangie Bergum, through training for marathons and critique of her own life growing up in the Lutheran Church, addresses the generational pain and loss that shadowed her life. In poetic language Bergum provides moments that that can lift readers into understanding, recognition and empathy for her powerful story.


Vangie Bergum

Vangie Bergum, Ph.D., Professor Emerita (UofA), began her career as a public health nurse and worked for twenty-three years as a professor at the University of Alberta, teaching and doing research in the fields of healthcare ethics and phenomenological research. She has authored several books on the experience of mothering, and healthcare ethics. She now lives and writes from her forest home near Ymir, British Columbia.