Cantos from Wolverine Creek

Cantos from Wolverine Creek


by Brenda Schmidt

Paperback (Poetry)
8." x 5." · 96 pages
Release Date: April 2008
ISBN 9780978344030

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Muenster, Saskatchewan, is a gathering place for artists, writers and the home of Benedictine monks. For Schmidt this part of earth is a place of confluence between the past and the present, where wounds can finally be brought into the light. As a former nurse, Schmidt finds the healing trail to Wolverine Creek, and a new way of touching and writing about the earth. Schmidt uses the deep reserves of language to explore the nuances of feeling, and the nature of the passage of time, in a way that calls upon the full attention of our hearts and minds. This wonderful book is both celebration and eulogy, a way to feel the pain of the land and remain hopeful for the seasons ahead.


Brenda Schmidt

Brenda Schmidt is a writer, visual artist, naturalist and active blogger based in Creighton, a mining town on the Canadian Shield in northern Saskatchewan. Brenda grew up on a farm in the Coteau Hills of southwestern Saskatchewan. She has a BA in English from the University of Waterloo. She is a former nurse and has lived in northern Saskatchewan for twenty-six years.

Brenda is the author of three previous books of poetry, A Haunting Sun (Thistledown Press, 2001), More than Three Feet of Ice (Thistledown Press, 2005) and Cantos from Wolverine Creek (Hagios Press, 2008). Her cross-genre book of essays and letter fragments, Flight Calls, is forthcoming from Kalamalka Press in 2012. Brenda was a finalist for the Saskatchewan Book Award for Poetry in 2001, winner of the Alfred G. Bailey Prize for Poetry in 2003 and a finalist for the CBC Literary Award for poetry on four occasions.

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