A Thin Band

A Thin Band


by Katherin Edwards

Paperback (Poetry) 
8.5" x 5.5" · 60 pages
Release Date: November 2018
ISBN 9781775183976

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A Thin Band examines the fine line between remembering and forgetting, the expected / unexpected, and the moments that we retain in altered forms filtered by memory. It is also an elegy to wonder and surprise at how we manage to live in the midst of grief and loss.

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Katherin Edwards

Katherin Edwards has her MFA in writing from the University of British Columbia.  Her fiction has appeared in the Malahat Review as well as the collaborative novel At The Edge. Her creative non-fiction has appeared in In This Together. A two-time winner at Eden Mills for poetry, she has also been published in Arc, The New Quarterly, as well in chapbook form with JackPine Press.