Our Team

Debra Bell
Publisher / Managing Editor
Debra has a wide-range of experience in book production, promotion, marketing, and event management. She leads all aspects of our book production from acquisitions to printing. She has been involved with the writing and arts communities in Saskatchewan for over 25 years.

John Kennedy
Publisher / Operations Manager
John has been involved extensively in non-profit arts management and the film industry for 30 years and looks after administration and operations for the company while assisting the publishing efforts.

Tania Wolk
Art Director
Tania Wolk has been working in the graphic design / commercial arts field for over thirty years. She has designed dozens of books in the last ten years, including all Radiant Press titles. She also works designing magazines and catalogues for a variety of clients.

Mia Bell
Art Consultant
Mia is a visual artist and creator who coordinates the cover art and design for our books. She is also the logo artist.